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Thursday, December 29, 2016
By Lumiere Portrait Art
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Greetings aficionados,


We hope the holiday festivities brought you laughter, joy, and memories galore. Now, it is time to take those freshly given gifts and put them to use. It is customary for many of us to receive new clothes as holiday presents.  Along with that notion, our Art’s Team would like to freely assist you with styling for family winter portraits. 


Things to NOT do for winter portraits:

  1. We would encourage you to NOT spray tan, as it may not fit in with the winter environment. 
  2. Additionally, white would NOT be a good choice, as it can make you look more flushed out than preferred.
  3. Be mindful that super trendy clothing can take away the focus on the person and will also date the portrait.  Classic styles work best.


Things we would encourage you to DO:

  1. We DO encourage you to choose color palettes that fit the season, but also compliment your skin tone.
  2.  If choosing a color stresses you out, then we offer good news!  There’s no better time to wear black than in the winter.  You can always wear a pop of color with accessories, such as, scarves or belts.


Once you book a session with us, we will send you a color clothing palette guide that provides even more information.

Also, we want to remind you that we started our winter bonus last week. If you book on selected January dates, you will receive $100.00 portrait credit and high school seniors will receive a $50.00 roadside banner.

 We look forward to hearing from you guys.




Art's Team.

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