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Time has a way of changing things, don't let it slip by with regret  ~ Exist in portraits.  


Your family is everything.. 


Something like this..
Thursday, January 26, 2017
Something like this..

This mom and daughter duo remind me a lot of my mom and I.  We both run businesses together and we're both close and we both look like each other.  This classic black and white version of their portrait is similar to what I'm wanting to get of my mother and I.  Stay tuned for ours...  And by the way this is Kassie Hooser with her mom. They own and operate Gym Kats in Granbury.  Their business is booming!  Check them out here  #heirloomqualityportraits  

Family Portraits Granbury
Saturday, January 07, 2017
Something like this..

After serendipitously stumbling across this location one day, I waited patiently for the perfect family to be photographed there.  It was a superb setting for this handsome family! Absolutely adore how the 24x36 family wall portrait turned out with it's rich deep tones.  

Crisp Styling
Thursday, December 29, 2016
Something like this..

Greetings aficionados, We hope the holiday festivities brought you laughter, joy, and memories galore. Now, it is time to take those freshly given gifts and put them to use. It is customary for many of us to receive new clothes as holiday presents.  Along with that notion, our Art’s Team would like to freely assist you with styling for family winter portraits.  Things to NOT do for winter portraits:We would encourage you to NOT spray tan, as it may not fit in with the winter environment. Additionally, white would NOT be a good choice, as it can make you look more flushed out than preferred.Be mindful that super trendy clothing can take away the focus on the ...